SARILEGAL has been advising for many years clients from various sectors on corporate law. We have considerable expertise in complex company structures, corporate requirements, holdings and managerial legal work. Some examples of our work are: -Drafting the full set of incorporation documents -Advising on corporate governance in Turkey -Drafting and advising on Shareholders agreement -Advising on all shareholders conflicts -Defence of shareholders rights -Litigation related to shareholders rights and compliance with the law
SARILEGAL has been giving legal consultancy services as well as litigation services for many years in a wide range of legal issues related to any commercial transaction. We advise clients from strategic planning of transactions to deal with the negotiation of any business. Some examples of our work are: -Business setting up and company formation in Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France -Legal advice on investment in Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France -Contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiation services in a variety of fields of business -Sector-specific regulatory advice and also accompanying corporate relationship with regulatory authorities
SARILEGAL has specific focus and involvement on new technologies and the transformation of regulations as well as the legal atmosphere deriving from the technological change. We care much tech companies and promote them to develop novel products and business strategies. Our Office has a deep experience and a track record in information technologies and telecom sector. This solid background in the information technologies sector gives us strong advisory capabilities. We advise entrepreneur clients in digital technologies and IT sector. Our Office gives services in IT business structuring with the aim of development by capital investments. We consult also angel investors or private equity investors willing to invest in the IT sector or technology. We are helping to create joint ventures, and realize angel or capital investments. Our expertise in legal issues of IT sector is very effective for growing up start-up companies by capital investments and acquisitions. We advise regularly our clients on e-commerce regulations and compliance issues specific to the IT sector.
SARILEGAL offers clearly practical and useful advice where a real estate is at the center of the transaction. We have experience in real property law for over 15 years. Our Office has covered many complex both cases national and international on property law. We defend our client’s interests in real estate. Our real estate lawyers have been giving service in every aspect of real estate litigation. Our Office has given service on the development of multiple use real estate projects, lease of commercial and residential properties, sale and purchase of land.
SARILEGAL has another time specific focus and interest in the renewable energy sector. We have considerable business knowledge of energy law in Turkey. We commonly advise clients willing to invest in energy sector in Turkey. We provide services in energy sector such as project based consultancy, project licensing, project operation legal issues, asset transaction. We have a special focus on the renewables sector and providing partnership services for different projects with various renewable energy sources. We advise in both legal and strategic aspects of renewable energy projects based on Solar, Geothermal and Wind sources. We are also serving as a consultant for relationship management with the regulatory authority and other public authorities.
SARILEGAL has strong experience on European Convention on Human Rights and its application before the Court. We dealt with many cases before the European Court of Human Rights and defend the rights of our clients. We have been representing the applicants for their cases before the Court during all procedures.
SARILEGAL represents its clients for their cases before any Courts and Tribunals as well as arbitral institutions. Our Office has been giving pre-litigation advisory services to previse the chance of success of any claims. We have given also many second opinion services for ongoing legal procedures and cases.